Benefits of this Course

Applied Knowledge Leads to Progress

  • Communicate

    Learn how to properly use digital, verbal, non-verbal, and other forms of communication to establish attraction and maintain the interest of a potential partner.

  • Connect

    We discuss how to manage your "portfolio" of offline and online channels to maximize your dating experience.

  • Mindset

    Prevent mental pitfalls, negative thinking, demotivation, dating fatigue, and evolve into a more productive and effective version of you.


Easy to Apply

Karla 38 Business Development

I've been a huge fan of The Dating Doc's content through social media and was invited to try out the course. It's very easy to apply these skills and I've started making strides towards not blaming others for my dating mistakes and now selecting better quality men.

Ready to Conquer Dating

Rick 35 Military

Chris has been my dating coach for close to a year now and his course was able to remind me of the fundamentals I forgot after my divorce. I've become a better active listener and contributor during the date thanks to Dating 101 - check it out!

More Smiles Less Heartbreaks

Tanya 49 Small Business Owner

This course is short, sweet, and to the point! It woke me up to what I was doing and valuing my time and who I spend it with. Highly recommend!

Sneak Peek

The below is just a sample of the many things you'll learn to improve your dating life.  Classes combine audio, visual, and practical exercises that are guaranteed to drive positive change within you.

Change Starts Now

Let Dating Work For You

Dating 101 is the premier course that fully explains how to handle modern dating. Many singles nowadays are suffering from dating fatigue or are unaware how both internal and external factors are preventing them from reaching their dating and relationship goals. Once students enroll in this course they have reported increased motivation, awareness, and a more positive and efficient mindset when it comes to offline or online dating.


The Dating Doc

Christopher Feliciano

Bio: Don’t let a few minutes keep you between a meaningful connection. Learn to drive conversations that lead to a romantic interest. As your Dating Coach, Chris "The Dating Doc" Feliciano will help you discover the art of attraction. Based out of San Antonio, Texas Chris is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, seduction techniques, optimizing your digital dating experience, and so much more. These skillsets provide you a pathway to improve chemistry and increase your chances of landing better dates. With over 10 years of industry experience and having several accolades including receiving his certification as an Executive Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institution of Manhattan, this is a surefire way of boosting your comfort and success with modern dating.